Jute Bag Export Manufacturing Company in Bangladesh.
We are the manufacturer and exporter of various designs, sizes, and colors of jute Bag. Therefore, customers can specify exactly which look they envisage as part of their company’s branding. As well as, our experienced team can assist our clients to get the best quality products with a good budget. We hope we can align with your requirements therefore, we can do a long-term business with the betterment of the environment for the next generation.
Best Jute Rugs Exporter, Manufacturer & Supplier
aminex jute industries is best quality rugs manufacturing Company in Bangladesh. Looking for a rug that is both sustainable and luxurious? Look no further than our collection of intricately woven jute rugs. Jute rugs have an appealing chunky texture that makes them unique additions to any setting in the home or office. There are so many different options when decorating with jute fiber area rugs. Jute fibers have naturally anti-static (helps prevent the buildup of static electricity), insulating (absorbs sound) and moisture regulating properties. Some of our jute rugs are also blended with other natural fibers like wool, cotton and hemp. Additionally, our jute fiber rugs are bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.
Handmade Jute Basket Manufacturer in Bangladesh
amineX Jute is the largest eco-friendly home building product company needed to manufacture eco-friendly products only from natural products. We use jute baskets for planting, so all small items where only a storage basket and inhibit would be available. Seagrass baskets in three different sizes are affordable. These planter baskets have made from natural fibre.
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Welcome to Aminex - Export Oriented Jute Buying & Manufacturer from Bangladesh

“Aminex Jute” is the leading Jute & handmade Product Export industry in Bangladesh. Our main products are Raw Jute, Jute Yarn, Jute Fabrics & Handmade products using natural fibers and Jute waste. “Aminex” is inspired by the concept of a decentralized way of business where there is opportunity to improve the quality of life in rural areas. “Aminex Jute” establishes more sharing factories with the poor people in different areas of Bangladesh where ” MONGA ” is an every year scenario. It is a difference “Aminex” is trying to make when most of the entrepreneurs are trying to establish factories in the major cities of Bangladesh, which creates a problematic imbalance between urban and rural areas. Read More…

Our Services

Order Execution

Orders are closely monitored from sampling to shipment. Status on sampling, production and shipment are transmitted to buyers regularly.

Quality Control

Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI) / Final Random Inspection (FRI) is carried out when the total consignment is packed and ready for shipment.

EXP Proceed

Shipping documents are checked as per the buyer’s instruction and the copy documents are sent to the buyers well in advance of the shipment to avoid any discrepancy.

Bayer Visit

We accompany our buyers on their buying visits, factory visits and inspection visits. We help them with and arrange their itinerary and accommodation on their visits.


Why Choose Aminex!

Superior expertise:

We possess superior expertise in this sector industry in Bangladesh, that ensures quality service

Competitive Price:

We offer quality products at a very competitive price without compromising with the quality of design, workmanship, durability, usability, and appearance.

Modern Design Support:

We provide modern design commensurate with the latest trends in the interior design industry in the world.

Timely Delivery:

 We can ensure the timeline of your shipment.


Our associate Production Units, has the certificates and membership on …

Find world Best Jute Product !

We offer quality products at a very competitive price without compromising with the quality of design, workmanship, durability, usability, and appearance.



Head Office: House#25, Road#3/E, Sector# 09, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.

Factory: Boikal Road, Chanpara
Uttarkhan, Dhaka 1230,

Resigter Office: Mandura, Bharatkhali, Shagata, Gaibandha 5057


CALL : +8801999 099 000,

CALL : +8801999 098 999,

CALL :+8801707460813 ,

Email: aminexgroup@gmail.com


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Sample Design & Develop

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Professional Quality Control

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